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325 on George restaurant is located at 325 George St, Brisbane, Queensland. It has been a staple restaurant for many of the locals as well as regular visitors from other states. 325 opened back in 2015 as a small casual eatery serving Australian and gluten-free dishes.

It was a struggle at first, especially in being consistent with our menu but after a while, 325 is now a favourite food destination for many of the locals here in Brisbane.

Meet Aaron Connolly

Aaron Connolly started the magazine back in 2015 when he was working as a home entertainment service technician. Connolly always loved cooking food for his family. It was an unsung passion for him, something he was not able to pursue at a young age.

But, when he saw the opportunity to revisit a dream of his to start a restaurant magazine, he went for it.

In 2016, Connolly was approached by a local food blogger to feature his restaurant. Being so well-versed with the cuisine and food science of it all, Connolly started to become a food feature writer for that particular blog.

After a couple of blogs, Connolly decided to start a blog of his own. So that is exactly what he did in December of 2016.

Brisbane’s Top Food Online Magazine

In 2018, there were more than 50,000 readers and an average of 3,600 daily readers of 325 on George’s blog. In September 2018, Connolly was approached by a Brisbane based publishing company to ask him to partner with them for a Brisbane-wide online magazine.

The company had a different name in mind but Connolly convinced them to stick with 325 on George and the rest, was food history.

325 on George Today

325 on George is not only promoting itself but hundreds of restaurants, eateries, and bars across the country.

The online magazine helped the promotion of several restaurants, mostly family-owned. 325 is also active in educating aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs on what they need to learn to navigate themselves as they enter the restaurant business.

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