Brisbane Nightlife Outside the Club and Bars


Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia. Several development projects are going on that would inject a lot of money to the local economy. There is no stopping Brisbane to becoming one of the best travel destinations for people all over the globe. As well as becoming a nightlife capital in the country.

Most people presume Brisbane’s nightlife can only be experienced at clubs and bars. Well, that is not true at all. There is so much to do outside the clubs and bars.

Night at the Casino

It might not be as glamorous as Vegas or as grand as Macau, but casinos in Brisbane are putting up quite a fight in the gambling industry. You can have a great time at one of the amazing casinos in the city.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the Treasury Casino. Located at the Treasury building, this casino is what elegance is all about.

The building where the casino is was built from 1886 to 1928 making it a heritage-listed former government public administration building. So, if you think this building is just some old building then think again. Just think of the history behind it and the amazing architecture.

There is also the Star Entertainment Group casino where you can gamble as well as enjoy an amazing meal. There are other gambling and betting centres all over Brisbane. Are you into horse racing? If you are, then you are surely into horse race betting.

If you want, you can just stay at home and go gambling online. That is also an awesome way to enjoy the night. Go visit for amazing gaming content.

Museum of Brisbane

Brisbane nightlife does not necessarily mean dancing and going crazy. Sometimes, you can enjoy the night while staring at some of the most historic pieces of art in Brisbane. The Museum of Brisbane is now open until 7pm.

You can kick off the night with a visit to this museum. It is so much to indulge in including the photo series Faces of Brisbane or Perspectives of Brisbane. There are also featured artists from time to time so there is always something new to discover at this museum.

Night Kayaking

Have you ever gone night kayaking? If you haven’t then you should go for it. In Moreton Island, you can experience night kayaking with a bunch of your friends. It is something relaxing and exciting at the same time. You get to enjoy the night breeze and the cool water.

The kayaks, by the way, have clear bottoms and lighting so you get to see everything going on above and underwater.