The Best Nightclubs in Brisbane


There are dozens of nightclubs in Brisbane with different themes. You’ve got the usual nightclubs with a bunch of strobe lights. You also got some EDM clubs with that lively and booming music. You also got some themed nightclubs like maybe a night during the 70s or a night in Mexico.

But, to get you started on your nightlife adventure, here is the list of the top nightclubs here in Brisbane.



Cloudland is your odd one out when it comes to nightclubs here in Brisbane. However, we mean that in a great way. Instead of a big dance floor, neon lights, smoke machines, and a bar, you are greeted by an indoor waterfall, grand chandeliers, and two vertical gardens.

That’s right, it is a small indoor garden where you can dance the night away and enjoy some amazing cocktail creations. Cloudland is popular for private events as its setting is the ideal arrangement for all sorts of celebrations. It is never a dull night here at Cloudland and you’ll be in cloud 9 here.

Press Club


Press Club is said to be the best nightclub in all of Brisbane. We can agree with that and we have two reasons for doing so. Their boutique bar never fails to serve amazing crafted cocktails.

We are talking about cocktails you can’t get elsewhere other than the Press Club. The barmen behind that bar are not your usual men in black by the way. These are award-winning barmen.

The second reason, the unique interior design that gives Press Club that exclusivity aura club-goers are looking for. Press Club is open for different events, but we have been told that getting it booked is no easy task. There is a crazy waiting list given that most days, there is an exclusive event going on.

But, Press Club open-to-all nights are still legendary, and they manage to keep a consistent quality of services.



If you want a crazy nightlife experience, then to Birdees you go. Birdees has been in business since 2003 and it has been a hot spot for tourists, especially backpackers since then. It is also a top destination for students looking to have a fun night.

Don’t worry though, Birdees management is efficient when it comes to screening people of legal age coming in.

With that, Birdees is said to be one of the craziest and most exciting nightclubs in all of Brisbane. Many of our sources say that it can get crazy in this place and that you must always have the energy to even move around the dancefloor to get to the bar.

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