Recommended Reads


Starting a restaurant business is easy, keeping it running is a different story. We’ve seen dozens of restaurants and eateries shut down because of so many reasons. The biggest reason is financial stress.

Many restaurants are unable to attract and retain customers because they can’t keep up with the competition. Another major reason food overpricing but the quality is not there.

So, for any aspiring restaurant entrepreneurs out there and those already in the game, here are some great books for you all.

Restaurant Owners Uncorked – Wil Brawley

This book by Wil Brawley is an amazing read, especially for new owners who just recently opened their restaurants. In this book, you will unearth a bunch of amazing strategies on how restaurant owners managed to keep their restaurants running despite major issues and even mistakes.

The information you are about to get from this book is not only practical but very subjective. Here, you will find the passion of running a restaurant and making sure it makes it to the end of the day.

Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek

By now, you are surely familiar with motivational speaker Simon Sinek. He is not particularly from the restaurant business, but he knows a thing or two about motivating people to work hard for other people.

This is not just a general management book. The book tells you how to build a strong relationship with your employees and how that would convert into strong ROI for your business.

Out of Line – Barbary Lynch

Barbary Lynch is one of the most respected chefs and restaurateurs in the world. She won the James Beard award for her accomplishments. In this book, you’ll find out her story of starting as a struggling dreamer from South Boston in the US and how she rose to culinary greatness.

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