How to Start a Restaurant Successfully?


Starting a restaurant is not as easy as it sounds. Well, starting or establishing a restaurant is often considered the easiest part of a restaurant business. However, starting or establishing a restaurant efficiently is not that easy.

So, for aspiring restaurateurs out there, here are some pointers we want to share based on our own experience and research in the restaurant business for more than 5 years.

Strategic Food Concept

It’s not as simple as choosing a type of cuisine you want to serve. Most people decide the cuisine they want to serve based on the expertise of the chef they have onboard or themselves. So that way, it would be easy to hit the ground running for your opening.

However, there is more to that than just playing your strong suits. You also need to consider other factors like the cost of ingredients and the availability of supply. If you want to serve menus with exquisite and hard to get ingredients, then you first need to establish a consistent plan for that.

Your food concept must be determined according to your specialisation and the resources available to you.

Always Incorporate a Family-style restaurant

When you say a family-style restaurant, what do you exactly mean by that? Most people think family-style restaurants are long tables that can sit an entire family with their relatives. Well, that is not what it is about. That is a small part of it.

A family-style restaurant is all about the ambience and the quality of service you can get wherein you feel welcome and comfortable. Your restaurant does not have to target families alone but it can have that family-feel so people might feel a little bit closer to home.

You can also incorporate a family-style feel through interior designs such as muted tones, simple and vibrant artworks, wide chairs, and most important of all, booster seats. Nothing says family like a booster seat.

Get to know everyone

During the first days of a newly opened restaurant, you are sure to be busy running around from the dining floor to the kitchen and then back and forth. You must get to know your customers, on your first day.

Ask their names, ask them how they are doing, take an interest in their lives. This is to position yourself and your restaurant so that your customers will be able to recognise what you bring to the table.

Establish a long-running teaser through social media

This is more of a marketing technique but something we have seen to work. Most restaurants these days use social media as their marketing platform to position their business. The problem is that as a new business, it is hard to get people to pay attention to you.

That is why we recommend you go with a long-running teaser. This idea will require you to slowly but surely introduce your upcoming restaurants months or even a year before it opens. That would build up people’s expectations and they’ll establish a sense of curiosity.

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